March 2022, Review and photo by @girls_on_gin (Instagram):

"@beyond_mura_distillery from Slovenia has gifted us with this lovely gin😍 It tastes really nice and very floral - the lavender kicks in and the coriander is also very present.

The showstopper is - of course - that it comes with a bag of butterfly pea flowers that makes it change color 💗💜

Suprise your guests with this “magic trick” 🎩🌟"


February 2022, Review and photo by @talk_about _gin (Instagram):

"The Gin of the Day is Džin #1 from Slovenia, made by Beyond Mura Distillery (founded 1/2022). Only five botanicals are used: juniper, coriander seed, lavender, lemon grass and chamomilla flowers. After opening you smell juniper accompanied by lemon and you get an idea of lavender and Chamomilla. Tasted pure, you have the same picture: juniper hands over to lemon until lavender and chamomilla substitute fruit with sweet fresh flavor. A tonic reinforces that experience of fresh and fruity flavor, the gin is wonderfully balanced. A great proof that you don’t need much botancials for an excellent gin!"


April 2022, Review and photo by @talk_about _gin (Instagram):

“The Gin of the Day is Džin #1 Golden Edition from Slowenia. It is based on five botanicals juniper, coriander, lavender, lemon grass and chamomile, plus - number 6 same saffron after the resting time. This adds some spicy flavor and the golden color. Very mild, this gin offers a wonderful journey through all botanicals with a shot of spicy, bitter saffron in the end. A tonic helps to add more freshness and lemon flavor. A great gin, well balanced and worth a try!”