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Slovenian gin from the Beyond Mura distillery. Who are we?

Slovenian gin with a hint of Prekmurje.

Despite the fact that we are a new and rather small distillery near Domžal, our copper dome rarely rests. We have gradually developed the recipe for our Slovenian London dry and Old Tom gin over time, and our goal is to please every gin lover. Our story evolves because of our constant curiosity and creativity, as well as your trust. We are proud and happy to present our gins to you and I hope you will join us in this joy!

Premium slovenski gin.

Beyond Mura gin products in store.

Gin store offers three different gins. Džin #1 and Načišen are made according to London Dry while Indašnje according to Old Tom method. Each gin can be bought with gift box or gift package

In the store you can also find non-alcoholic drink Čijsta n0.0la! More information in Gin store.


A gift idea?
Beyond Mura gin gift pack.

The gin gift pack contains everything you need to make a gin and tonic in one place. The package consists of gin of your choice, tonic, bar scoop, blue butterfly flower, two straws and short instructions for preparing a classic gin and tonic. It is suitable for business, wedding, Christmas and birthday gifts and other occasions. The finishing touch is the personal packaging of the package. If desired, we can also write a personal dedication.

Making gin for you.

Our distillery uses exclusively natural and quality spices to distill gin. The base for distillation is 96% ethanol, which prevents the introduction of off-lavours into the final product. The aromas and flavors from the spices are obtained by the vapors, which travels through the spices and then condenses. After distillation, the distillate is diluted to 40%, followed by maturation. This ensures that the aromas and flavors in the gin develops and are balanced to the perfection. To keep the flavors and aromas intact, the gin is not filtered. As a result, the gin may be slightly opalescent or crystals may appear at the bottom of the bottle. The phenomena are of a cosmetic nature. Whole process of making gin - preparation of spices, weighing, distillation and packaging is made with care and manually.

Non alcoholic

Mura sour mocktail.

Mix: 30 mL non-alcoholic distillate Cijsta n0.0la, 30 mL orange juice, 15 mL grenadine, lemon juice and 1 egg white.

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