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Recipes and instructions for your gin drink or cocktail.


Hot gin

Gin with tonic is a refreshing drink that has obsessed drinkers in recent years and is most often enjoyed on warmer days inhere. For winter times or colder days, there is a great alternative to the summer version, mulled gin. We all know mulled wine, but recently hot gin has also come to the fore. The preparation recipe is as follows:

Quantity for two people:

  • 400 mL of apple juice,

  • 2 teaspoons of honey (or according to your own taste),

  • 50 mL of gin,

  • cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, ginger (or of your choice).

Heat apple juice and honey in saucepan. Mix well. Cover the contents and set aside. Add gin and strain the content to the cup. Garnish the drink with star anise, a slice of orange or apple, a cinnamon stick and serve.


Gin & tonic

Today's gins are becoming bolder in flavors and aromas, which has fueled the obsession with them. Gin combined with a neutral tonic and spices/fruits is the perfect combination to refresh the palate of any drinker. The preparation recipe is as follows:

Amount per serving:

  • 50 mL gin,

  • 200 mL Fevertree tonic (or of your choice),

  • juniper berries, cinnamon stick, lemon slice (or of your choice).

Pour chilled gin into a glass and add 2-3 blue pea flowers. Wait about 5 minutes for the gin to turn blue. Add the spices to the glass and garnish with a lemon slice. Just before serving, add tonic and the blue color turns pink. 

Gin 1, Beyond Mura Distillery, Barbara Trap (10) (1).jpg

Cocktail with Džin #1

Another great recipe for a cocktail with Džin # 1. Our gin contains lavender, chamomile and lemongrass, among other things, and it was in this cocktail that we emphasized the taste of these ingredients even more. We soaked the blue pea flower in warm water for 5 minutes and froze it. We added blue ice cubes to the cocktail and while drinking it we can observe how the gin changes color from transparent to pink.

Preparation for one serving:

  • 40mL gin,

  • 150mL tonic,

  • 60mL of syrup (a pinch of lavender, chamomile and lemon grass soak in hot water for 5 minutes and strain; add 15g of sugar to this liquid and boil for 5 minutes).

A good handful of blue ice cubes and a slice of lime to counterbalance the sugar.


Gin & tonic Rosa

Cocktail with Načišen. This gin is composed of lemon peel, rosemary and rose. A fresh cocktail that further emphasizes the ingredients. The astringency of juniper is softened by the exceptional aroma of roses and the citrus freshness of lemons. Tasting ends with a slight spiciness of rosemary. The final touch is lyophilized raspberries, which provide an excellent crunchy texture.


  • a lot of ice, a sprig of rosemary, a slice of lemon,

  • 50mL Načišen,

  • 30mL of rose syrup and a pinch of exceptional edible roses, 

  • 200mL of tonic and

  • 2 freeze-dried raspberries.


Espresso martini cocktail

Do you love gin? What about espresso? Me both. Indašnje gin goes perfectly with coffee, as it contains spices that complement coffee. The preparation of the "Ginespresso" cocktail is simple and short. Add ice, espresso, gin and sugar syrup to the blender. Stir vigorously for about 30 seconds and then pour into a glass. Add a slice of orange peel and you can also scrape the chocolate over the top.

Recipe for one serving:

  • 50ml espresso,

  • 50ml Indašnje,

  • 40ml simple sugar syrup,

  • lots of ice,

  • a dried slice of orange peel.

Indašnje, Beyond Mura Distillery, Barbara Trap (4).jpg

Aperol Negroni - Chick'n Mura cocktail

At Gin & Juniper 2023 a new cocktail of kraft distillers "Chick'n Mura" was created. This is a very popular Negroni with a fresh aperol note. Is this the hit of the summer? 🤔

Recipe for one serving:
• ice,
• 30mL Vermouth Chicken Valley Distillery,
• 30mLBeyond Mura Old Tom,
• 30mL Aperol,
• lime juice,
• a mint leaf and an excellent lio dragon fruit from Lifis.


Fig mocktail & thyme:

Summer is saying goodbye and autumn is slowly welcoming us with colorful colors 🍂 🎃. Sitting on the terrace, we observe the spices and the ripening of the last fruits. We drew inspiration for the recipe from this.


Recipe for one serving:
• 40 mL 0.0,
• 40 mL fig syrup (boil honey and figs in water and add thyme; cool and strain),
• 100 mL tonic,
• 10 mL of lemon juice.
• ice, a slice of lemon and a sprig of thyme for decoration.


Apple and gin cocktail:

Gorički gin and juice. There is nothing better that this! 🤩 And what do you use it for? 🤔


Recipe for one serving:
• 50 mL gin or 0.0,
• 100 mL juice @apartmajidzabokagruska 🍎 🍐,
• 50 mL tonic,
• a little 🍋 juice.


Beyond Mura “Basil smash” cocktail:

Who said autumn? 🤨 Sun is sitll up and summer ☀️ recipes are not yet ready for archive 📝.

Recipe for one serving. What do you need? 

- 70mL gin Načišen (yes 70mL 🥴),
- 25mL simple syrup,
- 25mL 🍋 juice,
- 8-9 smashed basil leafs,
- ice in shaker 🌪️.


Cocktail with pomegranate and Džin #1:

An introduction to the weekend, you can find pomegranate and gin at home. What do you do?🤔


✍️ recipe for one serving:

  • 50mL gin or 0.0,

  • pomegranate seeds,

  • ice and a sprig of rosemary.

  • Put in a shaker 🌪️.

  • Pour into a glass and add 75 mL of tonic.


Cocktail vs. mocktail 

Smoked Tom Collins with thyme. Put in a shaker:
• 60 mL of Indašnja,
• 21 mL lemon juice,
• 15 mL sugar syrup,
• ice, sprig of thyme and briefly "smoked" with cherry wood,
• shake, pour into a glass and add 60 mL of mineral water.

Spritz mocktail. Put in a glass:
• 50mL Pure n0.0la,
• 50mL 0.0 spritz,
• 50 mL tonic,
• 20 mL lemon juice, ice, mint and lemon balm.


Beetroot? Gin? Challenge accepted!


Put in the shaker:
• 50mL Gin #1,
• 50 mL syrup (we put 4 g @lifis.siFreeze-dried beets, 50 mL of water and 50 mL of sugar; heat, cool and strain)
• 20 mL of lemon juice,
• mint leaf and ice.

Mix and pour into a glass. For a silky taste, put one egg white, a little sugar and lemon juice in a shaker. Mix and pour into a glass.


Rose martini 

• Add 60 mL Načišen to the shaker,
• 30mL @chickenvalleydistillery sweet vermouth,
• 10 mL @posestvo.malarosa rose syrup,
• ice, a couple of dry rose leaves and one cardamom. Mix and pour into a glass. Place raspberry.

For the finishing touch, we "perfume" it with homemade rose water. Voila!

The procedure for rose water? Heat water in a saucepan, add a handful @posestvo.malarosa roses, a little hibiscus for color and one cardamom.


Butterfly gin sour 

• 60mL Gin #1, colored with a blue butterfly @mikrozelenje.sebenik,
• 30 mL lime juice,
• 10 mL “simple syrup”,
• one egg white and shake in a shaker without ice ("dry shaking"). This ensures that the egg white connects with the other components. Add ice and shake again.
• Pour into a glass and serve.


Autumn cocktail with pear.

You put it in a glass
• ice,
• 50mL Old Tom Indašnje,
• 50 mL syrup (heat 5-10 rings in water pears, 20g of sugar, a teaspoon of dry & ground ginger, sage leaf and a couple of strands of saffron; cool and then strain)
• 25 mL of lime juice and
• 50 mL of mineral water.

Decorate as desired. The cocktail is refreshing and silky thanks to the saffron. The complexity of Old Tom gin is beautifully captured by the sweetness of pear, the spiciness of ginger and the herbal note of sage. Rank!


Curaçao & Aperol gin cocktail

Who misses summer already? Some colorful and lively recipes. Preparation:

• 50mL Gin #1,
• 25mL Blue Curaçao,
• 10 mL lemon   juice,
• 70 mL tonic,
• ice, @lioflor_ flowers and @lifis.siFreeze-dried fruit.

• 50 mL of Indašnja,
• 25mL Aperol,
• 10 mL lime juice,
• 70 mL tonic,
• ice, @lioflor_ flowers and @lifis.siFreeze-dried fruit.


What do coconuts, beer, coffee and gin have in common? You could say almost nothing... or even more than we think.

Espresso martini goes coconut:

The classic recipe of the eternal cocktail presented in a different light. Recipe:
• 50mL “coconut fat washed” Old Tom Indašnje,
• 50 mL espresso and
• 25 mL syrup from imperial stout beer (reduce from 330 mL to 100 mL and add two tablespoons of sugar).

Add all ingredients and ice to a shaker, mix and serve. We add strawberries to top it off.

The combination of coconut with the aromatics of Old Tom gin harmoniously connects with the coffee, while the syrup from the richly aromatic beer rounds off the tasting with the aroma of vanilla and dark notes that dominate the brew.

~ Fat washed: fat, this time coconut oil in a ratio of approx. 1:5 (oil:gin) is mixed with gin. Let it stand for 1 hour at room temperature and put it in the refrigerator overnight. Let's strain. This transfers the coconut aromas, which are soluble in alcohol, into the gin.



This Italian cocktail has recently been very popular among drinkers and vendors. It was created in 1919 in Florence. A member of the Negroni family wanted to add gin to the "Americano" cocktail instead of mineral water 🥸. Anyway, they did it. The cocktail is refreshing, bitter and very aromatic. Who wouldn't? 🫣

Beyond Mura recipe:
• 40mL Old Tom Indašnje,
• 40mL @vetzaperitivo,
• 40mL @chickenvalleydistillery Vermouth. Mix and add
• ice and a slice of dehydrated.


Cocktail here, cocktail there. Which is the distiller's favorite?

Pogačar cocktail.

It was spring and the Gin O'Clock gin festival in the center of Ljubljana. The sun was shining and the gin lovers came out in force. We have also connected with providers of popular drinks. @timblaz came around with @vetzaperitivo from @trgofina, we mixed it with Indašnja, exchanged ideas and Koktejl Pogačar was born. Name? Simple, the event was on Pogačarjev trg.

-50mL Indian Old Tom,
-40mL @vetzaperitivo,
-20 mL "simple syrup",
-20mL lime juice and,
-70 mL of mineral water.

For an aroma boost, add three drops of DIY aromatics*, mint leaves, dehydrated lime slices and lime caviar balls**. Rank!

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