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Džin #1
  • Džin #1

    SKU: dzin1bmd

    40% alc. vol., 500 mL


    VAT is not calculated on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 94 of ZDDV-1.


    DESCRIPTION: London Dry Gin I Aromatic gin prepared with 5 carefully selected spices. Many times the complexity lies in the simplicity so our gin contains only a few spices. The bitterness of juniper berries is softened by a note of citrus, coming from crushed coriander seeds. Dried lavender flowers, adorned with a delicate, sweet and floral palette, enriches the taste and aroma of the drink, while lemongrass rounds off the aroma with its light freshness. The complexity of flavors and aromas is complemented by dried chamomile flowers, which act as the perfect balm for the taste buds of every taster.


    GIFT: When ordering gin, we also send a small gift. It is a dried blue pea flower that turns gin blue when soaked. With the addition of a tonic, due to the change in the pH of the gin, the blue color changes to pink, which brings an additional "wow" effect when serving gin.


    Golden Award Gin&Brin Festival 2022 I Bronze Award Craft Spirits Berlin 2022 I Silver Award International Brandy Festival Apatin 2022 I Silver award at the 1st International Festival of Spirits, Slovenia 2023.


    If you want to order a gift package (in addition to gin, the package contains tonik, a bar scoop, a blue butterfly flower, two straws and short instructions for preparing a classic gin and tonic) you can find it at this link.

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