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  • Gorički

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    40% alc. vol., 500 mL


    VAT is not calculated on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 94 ZDDV-1.


    DESCRIPTION: Distilled Gin I The idea for the distillate came about during a walk in nature, where there were plenty of fragrant ingredients and positive energy available. We drew inspiration from this and over time Slovenian gin was created, which consists of spices collected exclusively in Prekmurje, more precisely in the Krajinski park Goričko. All spices in the product are carefully selected and represent the harmony of four different stories.


    The key ingredient is the Prekmurski juniper, which grows in the heart of Goričko. This juniper is simpler in aroma and adds resinous and spicy notes. Spruce tips with their evergreen touch add the aroma of conifers and resin and build on the aroma of juniper. They add a citrus note to the taste. The combination of different types of roses and rose hips adds freshness and brings to mind endless and fragrant flower gardens. Dried buckwheat and elderflowers provide earthy notes and thus add depth to the gin tasting. Lemon verbena, lemon thyme and mint raise the taste to a new level with an extremely citrusy, fresh and herbal touch. A touch of syrup from beautiful roses provides the finishing touch and the perfect harmony of gin.

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