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  • Indašnje

    SKU: indbmd

    40% alc. vol., 500 mL


    VAT is not calculated on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 94 ZDDV-1.


    DESCRIPTION: Plaques of the black cat “Old Tom” were placed on the walls of English pubs in the old days, where passers-by could buy a dose of gin in exchange for a coin. This is where the name Old Tom Gin is said to come from.

    Indašnje in prekmurski dialect means former. The name refers to the fact that Old Tom Gin was popular especially in the 18th century in England, and was later replaced by the London Dry Gin style. Nowadays, however, Old Tom Gin is gaining popularity among distillers again and is therefore returning to store shelves.


    The bitterness and slight astringency of juniper berries is softened by a citrus note, which is added by crushed coriander seeds. The interplay of citrus aromas is enhanced by the sweet note of cinnamon sticks and crushed allspice, while licorice and bay leaves add a touch of bitterness and spiciness. Tonka beans capture the scent of vanilla and marzipan and take gin tasting to a new level. Orange and lemon peel provide a rich aroma of citrus fruits and, in combination with the freshness of chamomile, tie all the flavors together. Chamomile, tonka beans, vanilla pods are soaked in the final distillate and cane sugar is added. This further emphasizes the aroma of all the spices in the gin. Cane sugar gives the final color to the gin and can leave sediment at the bottom of the bottle.


    If you want to order a gift package (in addition to gin, the package contains tonik, a bar scoop, a blue butterfly flower, two straws and short instructions for preparing a classic gin and tonic) you can find it at this link.


    Silver award at competition of FB group and Društvo ljubiteljev domače žganjekuhe Slovenia 2022 I Bronze Award Craft Spirits Berlin 2023.

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