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  • Načišen

    SKU: nacbmd

    40% alc. vol., 500 mL


    VAT is not calculated on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 94 ZDDV-1.


    DESCRIPTION: London Dry Gin I Načišen in prekmurščina dialect means different. This is a gin that is different from other gins but also has a lot in common with them. The production process is a fusion of two processes. At the beginning, there is a one-day maceration of the spices and then distillation with steam infusion. We combined the spices from Džin #1, #2 and #3 to create Načišen gin.


    The bitterness and slight astringency of juniper is complemented by the freshness of crushed coriander seeds. A floral bouquet consisting of chamomile, rose, lavender and hibiscus enriches the taste of gin with freshness and paints colorful and diverse flower gardens in your mind. The interplay of aromas continues with a citrus potion, which is added by lemongrass, orange and lemon peel. Allspice and cardamom provide the final balm for the tasting buds, which elevate the gin with oriental flavors, while ginger and rosemary complete the journey of flavors and aromas with a slightly spicy impression.


    GIFT: When ordering gin, we also send a small gift. It is a dried blue pea flower that turns gin blue when soaked. With the addition of a tonic, due to the change in the pH of the gin, the blue color changes to pink, which brings an additional "wow" effect when serving gin.


    Silver award Medjunarodni festival rakije "Rakija i rakijasi 2022" Pančevo I Bronze Award Craft Spirits Berlin 2023 I Golden award at the 1st International Festival of Spirits, Slovenia 2023.


    If you want to order a gift package (in addition to gin, the package contains tonik, a bar scoop, a blue butterfly flower, two straws and short instructions for preparing a classic gin and tonic) you can find it at this link.

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